Never underestimate the impossible

Posted by on 5 March 2012

Life is a never ending series of choices made from experience. I would like to express my thanks to the Ladies Auxiliary for the great job they did in the last “Casino Night” at the Post. Their experience from the one’s before made this one a success. I might ad that although the turn out was not as big as they would have liked it to be, they did very well.

Thank you again Ladies. You make it very easy for me to do my job.

I would also like to thank the Men’s Auxiliary for their part in helping the Ladies with the set up and clean up. Our Men’s Auxiliary is also why I feel I am successful. With out these two organizations this Post would indeed not be where we are today.

There were also some VFW members that pitched in as well. Thank you very much for your participation. I am very proud to be a Commander with such great people to work for.

Remember, together we can accomplish anything, and I would like to quote our Ladies Auxiliary President:

“Never underestimate the impossible”

Thank you all again and let’s not slow down.

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