Whose side are you on?

Posted by on 23 January 2012

Well it seems to me that when we want something bad enough we can, and do put things together to get it done. The sad part of this is we have members whose only agenda is to come to meetings and vote the way their "buddies" tell them to vote. This simply is not right.

They have no other dealings with Post business and when they leave, the ones that are left here to live with those decisions. That just does not seem fair or right.

I simply can't understand how some one could do that and not feel just a little guilty. The question then becomes "whose side are you on?"

Well, to be perfectly frank, there are NO sides. There is just the Post, and the Post must survive if we are to accomplish those goals and requirements set forth by National.

We MUST be one at what we do, or simply nothing will get done. Yes! We MUST do everything and do it the right way.

All members must understand that it is the Post that is the most important "Side to be on". Make sure those in responsible positions do their work and do it the right way. If those things that are too done, who are we to discourage those that choose to do them and do them in the right way?

Let's work together to make our Post the most successful Post it can be, and the rest will take care of itself.

Remember, there are NO sides, just the Post. This is our Post and we are all in this together, so let's start acting like it. 


Yours in Comradeship, 

Marty Nell


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